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Department of Software Engineering
Gdansk University of Technology

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Welcome to the page of:

NATO Advanced Research Workshop

"Cyberspace Security and Defense: Research Issues"

September 6-9, 2004

Gdansk, Poland

The Workshop objectives:

To bring together leading experts from NATO and NATO-Partner countries to identify, discuss key research issues, formulate possible R&D directions and discover potential collaboration opportunities related to defending Cyberspace against massive and deliberate attacks attempting to disable or damage large-scale national communication, economy, Internet and defense systems.

Technical areas:

  • Attacks on and vulnerability of Cyberspace

  • Authorization, scalability, policy-based role-based access control (RBAC) & authorization policy model and management

  • Digital signature, authentication, biometrics & trust models

  • Cyberspace defense mechanisms

  • Cryptography, software, hardware and system integration

  • Intrusion detection, response, prevention & application-level IDS

  • Risk and cost management, vulnerability analysis methodology & incident response process

  • Hazard in critical software applications, trusted software

  • Dependability and reliability of large-scale & communication systems

  • Electronic mail security, information hiding & privacy

  • Trust and security of the electronic technologies applied to medical care and other life dependent applications.