Information Assurance Group (IAG)

Information Assurance Group (IAG) is a research group led by professor Janusz Górski.

The Group focuses on the risks and trust management in relation to different qualities of software and IT systems, e.g. safety, security, reliability, privacy. Of particular interest is the concept of Trust Case and the related TRUST-IT methodology.

Argevide NOR-STA - assurance case management tool The result of our research work is Argevide NOR-STA - a system to develop, manage, assess and communicate assurance cases.

To learn more visit Argevide website or contact Janusz Górski

IAG is developing methods and tools that aim at strengthening guarantees related to different qualities of software and IT systems and puts stress on experimental validation of these methods and tools.

The following people contributed to IAG research (the period of their activity is given in parantheses):

Group Leader:

Janusz Górski

Group Members (period of activity in parantheses):


Grzegorz Gołaszewski (2004-present)

Aleksander Jarzębowicz (2000-present)

Katarzyna Łukasiewicz (2010-present)

Jakub Miler (2000-present)

Adam Przybyłek (2009-present)

Andrzej Wardziński (1993-1997 and 2003-present)

Development & Technical Support

Jakub Czyżnikiewicz (2010-present)

Michał Witkowicz (2005-present)

Former group members

Tadeusz Cichocki (1997-2002)

Łukasz Cyra (2005-2009)

Giles Hogben (2006-2010)

Patryk Jar (2011-2013)

Marek Kamiński (2004-2012)

Rafał Leszczyna (2000-2005)

Bartosz Nowicki (1993-1998)

Marcin Olszewski (2001-2008)

Maciej Piechówka (2000-2010)

Alan Turower (2009-2017)

Krzysztof Wyrzykowski (2006-2010)

Marek Zagórski (2002-2007)