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Cyber-security Workshop

Organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the Gdansk University of Technology

September 9-11, 2004

Gdansk, Poland

This workshop aims to present and discuss overall computer security policy for companies or other bodies with significant information and computer assets to protect. The focus of the workshop will be on real-world solutions in the following domains:

  • computer security policy as part of overall security policy

  • the roles of technical, organizational, and procedural security measures

  • detection of intrusion and attacks, both internal and external

  • risk and threat analysis

  • preparation for response to attacks, both technical and legal

  • disaster planning

The contribution of the Joint Research Centre to this workshop is in the context of the EU enlargement action, and the workshop is aimed particularly at participants from the new EU Member States. The target audience is:

  • managers (whether or not IT specialists) with overall responsibilities for major computer systems

  • IT security managers

  • senior management with responsibilities in security and asset protection

  • consultants who help companies draw up IT and overall security policies

  • academics in the area of computer security or computer system planning

  • law enforcement personnel who advise companies on computer security policies

The workshop will start on the afternoon of Thursday 9 September, and finish on the afternoon of Saturday 11 September. Participation is by invitation, and is free. Those interested in receiving an invitation should contact:

Neil Mitchison, TP 267, CCR, Ispra (Va), 21020 Italy

Neil.Mitchison@jrc.it Phone: +39 0332 785325 Fax: +39 0332 789576